Every day is Hanseatic

Dear participants of Tartu Hanseatic Ddays!

Summer brings thousands of people to Tartu and our streets are full of languages, laughter and discoveries. Everybody is here, all together in charming Tartu. Even if you just happen to be in Tartu you feel the welcoming, friendly atmosphere opening up your heart.

The slogan of Hanseatic Days 2016 is „A Family Affair“. Hanseatic towns all over Europe form a friendly family. And that’s the aim and charm of today – to reach out to each other either for business or for cultural contacts. And that’s what Tartu is about – we have coolest museums, festivals, parks, suburbs brimming with nostalgia and, above all, the special spirit of Tartu.
It is the aim of traditional Tartu Hanseatic Days to bring people together from all over Estonia, from all over Europe – to be together, to be a Family.

There are Hanseatic Days in Tartu all year round, the spirit of a Hanseatic town never leaves us. The doors and gates of Tartu are always open and we are happy to help you discover the secrets of our ancient city.
Make us happy discovering
Enjoy Tartu Hanseatic Days!
Urmas Klaas
Mayor of Tartu